Shabbatonim in communities, Belarus

"One who keeps Shabbat is like keeping all the commandments"
Shmot Raba -25,16

To allow every Jewish person taste the beauty of the Shabbat as well as helping giving them a Jewish Identity by showing how Shabbat has always been the central part of the Jewish family and life.


In keeping with its goal of instilling a feeling of pride for Jewish identity and Jewish heritage to Jews of all backgrounds, Yad Yisroel wants to reach more Jews in six communities through 12 Shabbaton seminars on a wide variety of Jewish themes. Without an active Jewish infrastructure in many communities, it is impossible to promote Jewish identity and Jewish heritage to the local Jews.
Yad Yisroel plans to run 12 Shabbatonim during the next 3 years (4 Shabbatonim per year) in 6 communities in Belarus.
We expect an average of 30-40 participants to each Shabbaton and the target population is Jewish students and families who do practice any form of Judasim.

The themes will vary Mitzvot, the joy of Shabbat, Chagim and Tefilot.
1. Promotion of Jewish identity and Jewish Heritage
2. Teaching about the foundations of our Jewish traditions.
3. Participation in the spiritual uplifting environment on Shabbat

Moshe Fhima who is the Project manager in Pinsk, Belarus was born in Manchester, England in the year 1974.
During the years 1989-1995 he studied in yeshivot both in England and later on in Yeshivat Mir, Jerusalem.
Whilst in the Mir he came very close to Rabbi Finkel ZT”L who became his role model in doing and loving every single Jew. The year being next to Rabbi Finkel taught him that one has to continue to do and do and there should not be any hurdles that will take away the push to go on.

He began his career in Kiev, Ukraine working in the Yad Yisroel Organization eventually opening their boarding school in Kiev.

In the year 2000 he moved to Pinsk to open the Beis Aharon Schools and Orphanages.

He lives in Pinsk with his wife Rivka and seven children.

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