Mission statement

The vision of Hulya

In the past, changes and differences were measured in terms of distance. Today, thanks to mobility and technology, which have brought about the creation of the global village, change is defined by time. The ancient profession of rabbi and spiritual guide is being severely tested by these monumental changes in human history, marked by the virtual world replacing the traditional venues of Jewish communal life.

Hulya – a think tank uniting community activists and rabbis from Eastern and Western Europe – is working to redefine the ways and means utilized in order to retain and reinvigorate the European Jewish community, which is still in the process of rebuilding itself after the horrible years of the Shoah and the long period of religious persecution under communist regimes.

Hulya cooperates with other positive-thinking entities and individuals who share the dream of a Jewish continuity founded on the time-honored values of the Jewish people based on the Torah.

Hulya funds innovative intellectual and practical approaches aimed at assisting young rabbis in Jewish communities to retain and expand their strengths and services and reach out to outstanding intellectual and artistic personalities.

Pinchas Goldschmidt

Chief Rabbi of Moscow

President of Hulya



Hulya, the Hebrew acronym of “Hug Lelimudei Yahadut Europa”, is a joint initiative of the Matanel Foundation and the Conference of European Rabbis (CER).

It aims to serve as a support center for young European rabbis, and is devoted to assisting and training them, to providing them with resources to empower them in their community, and to establishing a social network for them.

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