Mikveh of Suresnes, Suresnes, France

"Pessimism and rational its Luxury that a Jew cannot afford"
Golda Meir

The arrival of many new Jung couple and family in Suresnes and its area, in addition to the existing, Created the need to establish Jewish institution to respond to the basic need, basic in its full meaning the base of a Jewish family which is the Mikvé. Our project is to allow Full Jewish live in this area and to connect families to ydishkeit through 1. Mikvé 2. Home care center (creche) 3. Kinder garden 4. Kosher Kitchen for Jewish Children who learn at the moment in non Jewish school.


The beth loubavitch of Suresnnes is active Since 2003 beside the Talmud Torah for Children Sunday and Wednesday and Oneg Shabbath, we provide Jewish class on daily and weekly bases for adults. Regular community activities like public seder on PessachPublic Menorah lighting public party for Pourim hannoukah tou bishvat Shavouaot etc.. A day camp in the summer over night camp in the winter, Shabbaton few times a year, for families, for jung adult and for kids. Community Trip (to Israel and new York)

-Rabbi M. Mendel Ouaki was born in 1980 in Paris. - He study in the holly yeshvith of yeshivas loubavitch Tzfat (1997-1999) yeshivath hatfutzoth- Old city Jerusalem (1999-2001) -From 2002 he teach in religious matter in jewish schools Paris. In charge of educational special programs. - In 2003 he respond positively to the invitation of the Suresnnes Jewish community to serve as a Rabbi-Shaliach where he lives until today with his wife Nechama and their 5 Children. After completing his rabbinical studies, Rabbi Ouaki received his Smicha ordination from several considered Rabbi in Israel in 2008.

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