"But a spring or a cistern, a gathering of water remains clean. However, one who touches their carcass shall become unclean..."
Vayikra, Chapter 11

Hulya encourages the creation of new mikvaot in communities without a Jewish ritual purification bath. Communities seeking to receive Hulya’s support must comply with the following requirements:

    The location on which the mikveh is to be established must be owned by the community, not a specific person, and the mikveh property must likewise belong to the community;
    There should not be another mikveh within an hour’s drive from the community;
    The Matanel Mikveh meets the halakhic requirements of the various Jewish religious traditions;
    The application for the creation of a new mikveh or the rehabilitation of an old one must include a petition of potential users. At least 25 women should express interest in using the mikveh;
    A balanit (mikveh attendant) responsible for operating the mikveh and opening it upon request is secured.

The Hulya donation depends on the country in which the community is located, the Jewish community’s financial capabilities, and the submitted mikveh plans.

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