Matanel Gan, Pinsk, Belarus

"If there are no small children, there are no students, if there are no students, there are no Sages, if there are no sages, there is no Torah…"
Vayikra Raba 11:7

To give a solid Jewish education to every Jewish child in the city of Pinsk from a young age in order to enable them to grow up like Jewish children from day one. Matanel Gan will be there to fill in the gaps in the Jewish way of upbringing that they do not see in their own homes.


The Matanel Gan provides a solid Jewish and secular education to the children and they are given the fundamentals and aspirations to continue their Jewish education through elementary and high school. The Matanel Gan in Pinsk, Belarus has two groups to enable all the younger children in the city to receive a solid Jewish education. The language in the Gan is in Hebrew enabling children to know Ivrit by the end of their first year in Gan.

The program of the Gan is based around the Jewish calendar. The Gan includes a Gan Chova – which prepares the children to start their first grade in school on the level of a first grader in any regular Israeli Gan. The children learn to recognize the letters in Russian and Hebrew enabling putting them on par with local and Israeli kindergartens. The children perform regularly for the elders in the city as well as twice a year for the Chanuka and Purim.

The Matanel Gan is guided according to Achdut without any favoritism to any gender, family or background. The Ganenet speaks in Hebrew and the local helper in Russian. This way the local children have got to understand Hebrew as a native language.

Moshe Fhima who is the Project manager in Pinsk, Belarus was born in Manchester, England in the year 1974. During the years 1989-1995 he studied in yeshivot both in England and later on in Yeshivat Mir, Jerusalem.

Whilst in the Mir he came very close to Rabbi Finkel ZT”L who became his role model in doing and loving every single Jew. The year being next to Rabbi Finkel taught him that one has to continue to do and do and there should not be any hurdles that will take away the push to go on.

He began his career in Kiev, Ukraine working in the Yad Yisroel Organization eventually opening their boarding school in Kiev. In the year 2000 he moved to Pinsk to open the Beis Aharon Schools and Orphanages. He lives in Pinsk with his wife Rivka and seven children.

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