Makom Torah, Wasaw, Poland

"Vetalmud Torah keneged kulam…"
Talmud Shabat 127A

To give people an opportunity to intensively study Torah during a time when people are free from work and others are focused on their holidays


We will have 4 study sessions a day. Two main lectures given by Rabbis and two sessions led by participants with a choice of 3 sessions to attend The topic is Midot: improving your character according to the Torah and Hazal We will also have communal meals and evening programs to further strengthen the sense of community

Michael Schudrich was born in New York City in 1955. Educated in Jewish Day Schools in the NY area, he graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1997 with Religious Studies major. Schudrich received smicha through Yeshiva University and received an MA in history from Columbia in 1982. Schudrich served as rabbi of the Jewish Community of Japan from 1983-89. He was also concerned with the recognition of the heroism of Consul Sugihara. As a student in the 1970’s, Schudrich began his travels to East Europe by leading Jewish groups to those countries and meeting with the remnants of the Jewish communities. In 1990, Schudrich began working for the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation and spent 1992-98 residing in Warsaw, Poland. In June 2000, Rabbi Schudrich returned to Poland as the Rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz and in December 2004 was appointed Chief Rabbi of Poland. Rabbi Schudrich is the recipient of several awards and medals. Rabbi Schudrich has one daughter, Arianna.

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