Green Shabbat Olamit, Europe

"The Shabbath is a day of rest, of mental scrutiny and of balance. Without it the workdays are insipid. "
Chaim Nachman Bialik

The Shabbath is one of the most important institutions in Judaism. It marks a break with the cavalcade of days and worries, and allows us to recover the creature and the taste of being in the Presence of G-d.

Shabbat withdraws man from his worldly considerations and professional easements and brings him to renew himself with the freedom and leisure of rest, study and meditation. Shabbat is a gift from G-d to humanity that invites us to free ourselves from the constraints of increasingly subtle alienations which hinder the accomplishments of man.


Hulya joins the great initiative to mark the Shabbat Olamit and encourages the members of communities that our association supports as well as the lovers of Shabbat all over the world and in particular in Europe  to mark it on the third Shabbat after the holiday of Sukkot, on October 22-23th, 2015.

The recommendations of the Hulya Team would be:

  • An Opening Ceremony on Friday Evening, including the lighting of Shabbath candles and songs
  • To invite guests or neighbors to dinner
  • To dedicate a moment for prayer and/or for meditation
  • To dedicate a moment for a collective or individual study of a text extracted from the Great Sacred Texts of Humanity or linked with them
  • To abstain for all kind of work, including domestic works as much as possible 
  • To abstain from the use of all kind of electric or electronic devices such as mobiles
  • To abstain from eating meat or meat products from animals
  • To take a walk in parks or forests without using a car
  • To organize a social activity befitting to the sanctity of the day.
  • To have ceremonial activity to close the Shabbath. 

Hulya will allocate each year a prize of 10,000 euros to the community, the association or the particulars who will organize the most innovative, enriching and original Green Shabbat Olamit.

The 10 best presentations will be presented on the Hulya website as Best Practices with a special mention of the winner.

In order to participate to the contest please fill the form attached below.

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