Gan Matanel

"My son, forget not my instruction, and may your heart keep my commandments."
Mishlei, Chapter 3

Hulya encourages the creation of new kindergartens that offer parents of distant or small communities the opportunity to provide their children with a Jewish upbringing. Hulya is involved in establishing kindergartens only in communities lacking such Jewish educational facilities.

Every kindergarten supported by Hulya is named “Gan Matanel” and is under the supervision of a rabbi. The kindergartens are managed in the spirit of the state-managed religious kindergarten system (gan mamlakhti dati) in Israel.

All Gan Matanel kindergartens must fulfill the following conditions:

    Immersing children in the Modern Hebrew language, without compromising the everyday spoken language of the country;
    Introducing children to philosophical and theological thought by engaging them in activities appropriate to their age and level of comprehension designed to prevent their being exposed solely to a dogmatic approach that discourages creativity and inventiveness;
    Exposing children to Jewish music by teaching liturgical songs (piyyutim) and hazanut tunes;
    Strictly complying with local law, in coordination with local authorities.

Hulya’s support is dependent on the country in which the community is located, the Jewish community’s financial capabilities, the number of children in the Jewish community, and the state of the designated kindergarten facility.

In order to receive support from Hulya, the rabbi must find an appropriate site for the kindergarten, ensure enough parents wish to send their children to a Jewish kindergarten, recruit trained, certified kindergarten staff, and apply for the opening of a kindergarten at the Hulya office.

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