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As part of the education I received from my parents and grandparents was to go and inspire Jews wherever possible. As an European native I felt that I can contribute to communities across Europe. After the Shoah, many Jewish communities across Europe felt that they need to be part of the “larger” European Jewish community and for that reason my wife Leah and myself took upon to run and establish the European Jewish Study Network.


The European Jewish Study Network offers a meaningful introduction to Jewish learning and a memorable journey through Jewish life to individuals and communities in Europe. Through immersive study experiences and world-class events, EJSN promotes discovery, inspires pride and connects Jewish communities throughout the continent.

Shalom Liberow was born in 1981 in Antwerp, Belgium. He studied in the Jeode Hatorah high school in Antwerp followed at the Yeshiva Etz Chaim in Wilrijk, Belgium between the years 1996-1998. In 1998 Shalom studied at the Yeshiva Gedolah in London, UK. Between 1999-2001 Shalom studied at Yeshivat Oholei Torah in Brooklyn NY. In year 2002 Shalom was send with a group of students to Minsk, Belarus to help and survive the Jewish community there and in the rest of Belarus. In 2003 Shalom received his “Smicha le Rabanut” at Machon Menachem in Los Ansgeles, CA. Shalom got married in 2004 to Leah Kessler in New York and moved with his family to Brussels, Belgium in 2006 to run the European Jewish Study Network together with his wife Leah. Shalom and Leah have 3 children.

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