Chana, Seminar for European Jewish Women Leadership, Europe

"Rabbi Ishmael said: One who learns Torah in order to teach, is given the opportunity to learn and teach. One who learns in order to do, is given the opportunity to learn, teach, observe and do."
Ethics of the Fathers: 4:5

Jewish Women leadership in Europe is very important especially with respect to activities among Jewish women in Europe. Our goal is to provide professional training for those women in all fields in which they are require to engage in current functions. In this way, we help those women to be able to reach more and more women in Europe and bring them closer to Jewish tradition.


80 women have participate in an intensive seminar of three days in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge and personally meet the teachers as well as other women from other countries to study from their experience. The objectives of the activities are: 1. Develop professional program in all fields of activities of the Women leadership 2. Motivate as many of women's leadership as possible to participate in courses and receive training in their operation fields. 3. To unite the women leadership from isolated communities to share knowledge and daily challenges which are common to all participants. 4. Providing the participants with personal and professional moral support, which will give them the strength to continue and develop their operations and apply the knowledge and new ideas which were added to them during the seminar.

Chani Margolin has born in Lod, Israel. After getting high school diploma she Undergraduate studies in business administration and marketing - the school in technology / TAL Institute, Jerusalem. A few years later she got a diploma for teaching, specialization Bible by teachers college, Vienna, Austria.

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