Chabad House Youth Club, Vienne, Austria

"They helped every one his neighbour; and every one said to his brother: 'Be of good courage"
Isaiah Chapter 41

My vision is finding hundreds of Jewish students that live in Vienna all dispersed and gathere them together to one community through the program and service we will offer them. 'Chabad house youth club' will be the home away from home for these students. An organization that will be there to fulfill lots of their needs. Chabad house will give those students the opportunity to meet each will offer cultural and social evenings and religious needs will be able to be fulfilled.


1. The Chabad house youth club organizes Shabbat meals every Shabbat and holyday for Jewish students from all over Europe that study in Vienna. Before every holyday there are programs and activities related to the theme of the holyday. 2. During the week there are lessons that comprehensive Jewish topics and daily “chavrutot” with interested. Chabad house youth club is organizing “yeshivacation”-“seminary for enrichment of Jewish knowledge” 4 times a year (during student’s vacation) for a week. 3. Chabad house is offering German courses every day, to give the students the opportunity to acclimate in Vienna. 4. During the year there are lectures given by the best lecturers in Jewish and secular topics (like Jewish philosophy, history, calendar, business, psychology, etc.) 5. The Chabad house youth club offers all kind of social activities and events (music/art/sport events, workshops, etc…), in a fun and homely atmosphere 6. The CHYC is an open place all the time, where students can spend time together, play billiard, Ping-Pong and other games, eat kosher food and enjoy a home and warm atmosphere with coffee and internet corner. 7. CHYC is opening a volunteer program where the students volunteer all over the city helping children with difficulties in school.

Mordechay Segal running in Vienna the Chabad house was born 1.9.1990 to his parents Rivka & Yosef Segal, in Migdal HaEmek Israel. During the years 2004 -2011 he studied in Yeshivot in Israel as well as in France and America graduated in excellence. Moredchay worked a lot during vacation and other times with Kids and Youth. He was very loved by them as being patient, original and creative. He has a lot of experience also by organizing events and activities for youth, kids as well as for adults. (for example Camps) On October 2011 he married Mussia Biderman from Vienna and moved to Vienna. In the last year he is in charge of running the Chabad house Youth Club with success, getting to know many people and organizing a lot of events. Mordechay speaks Hebrew English and German.

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