3 Rabbiner Seminar , Germany


The aim of the 3-Rabbiner-Seminar is to bring young Jewish people to the principles of the jewish religion and thru this to strengthen the Jewish identity


From 30 January 2015 to 01 February 2015, this year's 3- Rabbinical Seminary was held Cologne. With around 100 participants. This shows us how important are such Schabbatonim, and we will in the future try to find homes in which all who are interested can participate . The beginning of the Seminary was Kabbalat Schabbatservice, with beautiful warm and traditional melodies. The Shabbat held under the theme : "Humus statt Hamas", here tried the rabbis Apel, Engelmayer and Soussan , through various lectures and group discussions the participants the different problems of the Near-East conflict at hand. The Shiurim have dealt not only with theoretical support, but it aids were shown from reality. A girl that participated in the seminar, said: "It was for me the first time, that's my rabbi not only about the 'normal things' like kosher and Schabb and similar spoke, but also inter religious dialogue and how the Judaism understanding the other religious in modern times is. As a student, which meets every day students of different religions and cultural backgrounds, this was a great addition to understand with the other students better. " It should be on Shabbat but not only learned and discussed, after Havdalah, which already initiated the anticipation of the next Shabbat, there was next entertaining also a quiz, which was all very well received.On Mozei Shabbes came Abraham Lehrer, Vicepresident of the Central Council of Germany, and Volker Beck, Member of the Bundestag, to discuss with the Studients about the theme of the seminary

Almost 10 years ago the idea of 3-Rabbiner-Seminar was born. Since then, the three rabbis, Apel, Soussan and Engelmayer have offered 2 seminars per year. Started with about 40 participants (Studients), only from the norther Rhein region of Germany, today the participants came from all over Germany. On this last Seminary there was 140 Studients and young families. Since 2 years an additional annual seminar will be held with the Federation of traditional Jews of Germany (BTJ) and Morascha Germany.

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